Wyoming Fire Chief’s Association Commisioner License Auction

The Wyoming LAST Team is auctioning a Wyoming Game & Fish Commissioners Hunting License by Live Auction on May 21, 2021.

The live auction will begin at 8:00 AM MDT and close at 6:00 PM MDT.

Telephone bids can be placed by calling 307-277-0320, email bids may be placed at wyolast@gmail.com.

The minimum bid is $18,000, with minimum increases allowed in $500 bid increments.

A big THANK YOU to Commissioner Richard Ladwig for supporting the endeavors of the Wyoming LAST Team!

For more information on the license please check: https://wgfapps.wyo.gov/commlicenses/commissionlicense.aspx?year=2021

For more information about Wyoming LAST: https://www.facebook.com/Wyoming.LAST/

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